Overcome Physical Setbacks One Day at a Time

“Every flower blooms at its own pace.”

-Suzy Kassem

Sometimes our bodies refuse to do what we tell it to.  It can be frustrating and can inhibit our progress with yoga or any other physical activity.

Upon learning to do the Parsva Bakasana Asana (Side Crow Pose), I was anxious to push myself further.  My next goal was the Devaduuta Panna Asana (Fallen Angel Pose) but upon attempting it I realized I have serious issues with my hips.  My hopes and dreams came crashing down just like a fallen angel.  I also noticed my right knee clicks whenever I bend it.  It’d be wonderful to have perfect bodies and be in optimal health but unfortunately our bodies are not made of steel, and wear and tear happens over the years.

I served 4 years in the U.S. Navy and really wonder how much depreciation of my body occurred.  Although I made some great friends and had wonderful experiences, I find myself wondering, Did I really mess something up?  How many times did I go up and down ladder wells and through watertight doors?

Instead of looking back and feeling frustrated about the current state of my body, all I can do is move forward and try to get back on track.  I know many people reading this have experienced something similar.

Some of us have injured ourselves playing sports or have had physical trauma in the past.  It can take time to heal and a lot of patience but we must maintain a positive outlook no matter how hopeless it may seem.

One of the best things to do is see a physician.  Get a physical and really assess the state of your body.  You can also find out what vitamin deficiencies you may have.

This is my next step (I will update with my results).

The need to hurry and reach our goals can be overwhelming.  We often take on too much at once which often leads to disaster.  A very determined college student may cram too many difficult classes in one semester, a ballerina pushes herself too hard into the splits, or maybe you try intermittent fasting despite the fact that you are literally about to pass out from hunger.  There’s no rule that says we have to rush anything.

Simply taking things one day at a time is a great accomplishment.

Just giving up one soda per day or one cigarette for someone that is trying to quit smoking is astronomical.  It’s better to go slow and steady than to rush and stumble and fall.  So while others may be moving like a cheetah, it’s okay to move at the pace of snail as long as you keep pushing forward.  The results are so much more satisfying when we are well rested with a clear and conscious mind.


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