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7 Stylish Design Ideas for a Yoga Space

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It’s nice to have a comfortable retreat from all the noise, traffic, pollution, and many other unpleasant encounters throughout the day.  A comfortable yoga space in or outside your home is a perfect place to practice, unwind, and release stress.

So here are 7 design ideas to help you create a chic yoga space that meets your specifications.

1. Pillows

Pillows are great way to make your space very cozy and colorful.  I really like exotic Indian pillows and beautiful Moroccan style.  Sometimes really nice pillows can add up but you can start with a few and eventually get more if you’re on a budget.


2. Plants


Plants add so much life to a space and also bring with them cleaner air.  There are so many plants to choose from, from small plants to some 5 feet tall.  It’s important to be sure to take care of plants.  I have been known to be a plant killer and don’t always have the time to really monitor them.  You can buy artificial ones if you don’t have the necessary time or adequate lighting to ensure they thrive.

3. Altar or Shrine

An altar is really nice to have and allows additional storage for candles, small plants, statutes, books, scripture, etc.  It’s also a great place to sit and meditate.  Some people get really creative and make their own with wood.  Unfortunately, I’m not very artsy and would end up ruining the piece of furniture.  If you’re like me, you can buy a small table shelf, or even purchase a more traditional looking one.

4. Wall Décor

27Buddha27+Graphic+Art+Print+on+Wrapped+Canvas+in+SilverA popular choice is Buddha canvas art or paintings but there are so many different ones to choose from.I have seen some really cool wall tapestries with a Boho mandala design.  You’re not strictly limited to Asian décor and you can choose whatever art work or wall art that you desire.

5. Rugs

Rugs are great and are pretty much a necessity if your yoga space has hardwood floors. You can also use rugs on carpet to really make that area of the home comfortable.  You can keep it simple with just one rug if you prefer a minimalist design or you can really get creative and have different colors to match with different pillows and art work.

6. Water Feature


Water naturally has such a calming effect and is ideal, especially if you’re a fan of Feng Shui. A water feature can really make your yoga space peaceful and very eye catching.There are different types of water features such as fountains that flow into rocks and much larger ones. Whatever your heart desires! I have purchased one in the past and you have to be sure to use distilled water instead of tap.

7. Décor Accents


You can choose anything from Buddha statutes, to candles, shelves, plates, etc.  There are so many different ways to create an eclectic space.  What I really like about accents is you can usually purchase many things at once rather spending a fortune on expensive artwork.  They also add a warm and personable feel to your space.

You can create the ultimate yoga retreat within you’re own home!  Thank you for reading.  Namaste.









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